Monday, April 2, 2012

Ticked Off

Ticked off

I think its about time I write this rhyme 
When I'm done I'll see you in hell Lyme. 
Four years to be confined 
As a prisoner in my own body, trapped in my dreary room,
Left to my thoughts of imminent doom,
Stuck in my black hole of gloom.
That hole is mine, and ONLY MINE
No one could ever find it even if they followed the signs.
It's too dark for the human eye to see,
Which is why I am the only one that can find that black abyss.
You'd walk feet away from it and still have it missed.
I watch as others pass by and can't help being pissed. 
How did I get sucked in?
I was busily engaged in a good cause,
Now every night I pray my heart will pause,
When it doesn't I want to end my life with my own claws.

Think I could scratch hard enough to bleed out? 

If you consider that I'm a pout
Say it to my face, I'll educate you with a quick shout.
Tell me you know how I feel and I'll laugh in your face.
Say it again and I'd make sure my pain would be real to you.
If only my fists could cause as much pain as I am in,
I'd use them to get back at some doctors
Who'd rather let me die then fight this disease with me and win. 
What happened to that Oath? 
I have kept mine, is it wrong to feel deserving of a reward, relief or both?
Or wrong to be angry at receiving neither? I don't think so,
But you might feel I'm bitter.
Let's talk after your life's been in the shitter.
Good riddance til then and have a simple life.
I hope we never talk and you won't have to live with this strife. 

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