Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is there any other way?

Although my future could still be dim or bright

I'm done stressing about the end of the show 
I've had dozens of doctors guessing which way I should go
It's taught me one thing I want you to know

Trust yourself, your enemies are stealthy 
When all feels lost and you are unhealthy
I promise you'd trade anything, even living wealthy

Doctors offer up a helping hand to extend 
But it's made up, all pretend
As you beg for your body to mend 

Have you ever felt like the Haitian's after an earthquake? 
There's a reason we're called "patients," mines nearly out, I only keep on for family sake
Sitting in their waiting room stations I'd wonder what mine would be like if I soon had a wake. 

Is there any other way?
You got answers? Let me know

When we are born we all start dying
Some of us are called to do a lot more crying
Like our tears are being siphoned 
Resistance is futile, I ain't lying
Out of our eyes salty drops come flying

I force myself to believe there is a purpose 
Especially when it's not apparent on the surface
Often the pain is in too much surplus

It's the one thing that makes my game change
Can't cope with the wider emotional range
I feel looney and all deranged

Is there any other way? Got answers? You know what to do

Stand up proud and shout the truth
Join me before more of us lose our youth
No you say, fine I'll box them bare knuckle, it's okay, I'm willing to lose a tooth

Or two,
When I know what is just and true
Helping others and myself escape the blues
Wondering when our bills will say "no more dues" 

To be paid,  you fought and you stayed
When you could you played, but it brought you to your knees in pain, perfect position for praying, 
But your body usually ended up laying
I've prayed and I'm just saying

It's hard to let go and look above
First you must think and say "God...? What's up?" 

It is okay to question Him
He has heard it again and again
Even from His own Son 
Who asked if there was another way for His work to be done
So state all your doubts, shout and scream them loud
That is how answers come about
Turn in your card that reads, "proud"
Go. Follow Him, away from the crowd
The Savior was perfect and He asked God too, so I know he won't mind when you do. 

"Heavenly Father, is there any other way to finish what You want me to do, or is this the only way for me to return to You?" 


  1. I hope you don't mind that my mom send us your blog address. Thank you for letting us in, your words are powerful and moving. We love you so much and we will keep reading!