Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's looking like another lonely night

It's looking like another lonely night,
Life never makes its' self right,
resting now, head on a pillow,

 As I make friends with the ceiling fan,tears suddenly appear,
Even though I don't know how to feel
Ooh Just like last year,
I find myself sittin here
Worrying if ill be, in the mornin Hoping myself, I'll get a chance to make life right,
But now my thoughts are even leaving,
I'm bedridden,

Ooh Leave me alone , I'm keeping my head hidden,
People like us, we don't ever fit in,
But at least our beds let us live with them,
So we know we all have at least one friend,
That seems to be a trend with the bedridden, Whether its a parent or a spouse they care and you know you'll see the end.

I dream about bending this bed through time
And sending myself to the day I wake up without Lyme
It's about then that I hear a chime
Open my eyes to realize the crime
My mind has committed

Me, to climb out of this awakenin misery,
If I was smart I'd learn from history
Brains crying wolf, think I'd learn this story,
I'm not lemon, I'm Lyme
Wish I was him all the time
Wish I was him but I'm mine,
Wish I was him, can't press rewind,

Till my mind creeps slowly to sleep
And I'm in my dreams down deep,
Where not only me, but the whole world seems to live without a care,
I even saw a seal playing with a polar bear,'
Man I wish I could stay down there Fan, ceiling, I'm staring again,
Looks like another lonely night again