Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Have you ever been so depressed
That you couldn't ever express
The things making you stressed?

Everyone's mind needs time to rest
Waking in pain makes mine assess
If I can, myself, get dressed

Disease makes emotions opressed
So it's about time I confess
Please understand, did my best

At the beginning I progressed
Just what went wrong? Did I transgress?
Went downhill fast, now life's messed

Started in joints, just as a pest
The pain caused me to re-address
And then make a rash request

Doc, pain meds? My brain is posessed
And it will stay like this, unless
You can help my pain arrest

"Yes, no one needs to live distressed,
Hurting is something to suppress
To keep a smile while you quest"

First time was magic, I felt blessed
I'm no longer forced to obsess
Meds have my torment compressed

Spoke to soon, thought pain had recessed
Cuz I'd suddenly felt success
My body was not distressed

No one informed me of the rest
All I heard was, "you will hurt less,"
Take more then, why not, I guessed

So far had my body digressed
Needed my wife's help to undress
Mentally sucked to digest

What to do with tightness in chest?
One more pill will make it depress
Without anguish, I've got zest

If I'da known, would have been pissed
Why'd they even suggest this?
Pain relief was all I wished

But that isn't what my life dished
I ponder now and reminisce
All those times scratching my wrists

I was cautioned, but I dismissed
Swallow more and you will miss
Out on life, you'll just exist

When they wear off, you can't resist
Opposite of eternal bliss
Just want to unclench your fists.

Withdrawals can not be dismissed
It is like a death eata kiss
Symptoms are too long to list

Now that I know I must persist
That even with my one last wish
Don't use those things to assist.

No matter how bad you are pained
I've been there too, you can abstain
Drugs leave nothing to be gained

Life becomes permanently stained
When white ovals control your brain
Your thoughts cannot be contained

Always blowing, just like the wind
All this torment has made me thin
Never double-take again

I'm back again, and here to win


  1. Love the poem, it's awesome. The ending is my favorite part. Publishable stuff here bro.

  2. "life becomes permanently stained, when white ovals control your brain" -- I think that's my favorite line. Awesome ~ written by someone who knows.