Friday, February 24, 2012

China Invades Monaco?

Imagine your body as an actual nation. Monaco perhaps? Monaco happens to be the world's smallest country besides Vatican City, but we will ignore that because of a population count of zero. So your body is the world's smallest nation, with a population of 32,000 live and active "citizens," or cells. We will assume generously that half of them are fit and able to fight in an active military. Now imagine that your entire "fit and able," 16,000 troops are blind and autistic, but otherwise in good health and taken care of. The women, children and elder folks are there to help ease the lives of the troops. These blind autistic troops used to be healthy as oxen and could have carried the memory of your nation into the eternities of the history books. They had dreams of liberating others from their afflictions, and in the blink of an eye their afflictions had become too great to bare on their own. Thus leaving the responsibility of their care in the hands of their loved ones while they continue to try, and might I add fail, to provide for preside and protect their loyal caretakers.

If you have any sort of an imagination you would now feel completely lost, incredibly alone and guilty as you suddenly find yourself questioning the reasoning the "Founding Father" used when He created your humble forgotten little nation. You would devote much of your attention to wondering if other nations had the same thoughts about their Maker's. Constant thoughts cloud your mind with daydreams of being a bigger better buffer nation. A lot of you reading this are very faithful people who have persevered through terrible calamities and you would never question the "Founding Father" of your personal sacred Monaco. I commend you. I am an extremely natural man and am incapable of controlling my thoughts to that point. There are others of you out there reading this that will understand and remember that moment in your existence where the most carnal and evil of thoughts started to enter your mind. If you are anything like me, I can only understand that feeling now. I no longer remember the moment when invading nations started to plant ideas in my head about my creator. Not being able to see those enemy troops or communicate with any of my fellow soldiers only ensured the imminent success of the invader's suttle attempts at inception.

Jump ahead three years and you finally determine the nationality of the invading troops. It was hard for you to work out in your brain where they came from because you have difficulty communicating with others in the western world called the "Land of Hellthcare." In this land there are many false idols and prophets preaching promises of healing and comfort. They sell their promises for money and chronically guess wrong at the nationality of your invading enemies. They speak of their high education and easiness of life, "We can do more for you then your Founding Father," some of them say. It is extremely hard to understand them at first because they speak in a funny accent, and I can only comprehend about every fourth word. Eventually I learn to speak with them and read their written languages. Something finally comes up in their documents that is good. The one good thing that came from learning to speak MD was that it led me to my point of enlightenment on the identity of my invaders: 1.3 Billion Borrelia Burgdorferi Bastard's from another one of the world's nations. China, and the power of it's overwhelming military have been invading your body. It has been an ongoing process for three years. They reproduce frequently. Their military tactics are revolutionary, as if war is an art to them. You oughta believe they are successful at what they do after living and attacking every citizen in your nation undetected for three years.

Borrelia Burgdorferi is the infectious bacteria that causes lyme disease. This blog will tell the story of my life and fight with this incredible world war like disease. It has left my previously healthy Monaco in a state that reminds one of the aftermath of Hiroshima. If you are easily offended I advise you to not read future posts. To my loved ones, especially my wife, I apologize for the evil secret thoughts that have been planted in my mind. I am not one to place blame. This time however the source of my thoughts come from the decamation that has taken place in my body. A spirit and a body together creates a living breathing soul. My body has been nuked. Half of what makes me me is burrowed in the shambles of an atomic bomb explosion. Barely living, hoping one day that my spirit will be strong enough to rejuvenate my body and bring my soul back to light and life.

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  1. Justin. Not only is this written perfectly (perfectly because it's good writing, but the analogy and honesty, the rawness of it makes it fantastic) but I have a friend who has lyme disease as well. It is a daily struggle, but she has found some things that have helped. I'll send an email.